We're Opening Our Archive

We've had a bit of time on our hands ("no kidding" you say?), so we've done some serious research to photograph and catalog all our remaining lengths of shirt fabrics from our 22-year career.

For the first time ever, we can share with you our archive and offer a truly limited-edition assortment of fabrics exclusively for you. We’ve had many emails over the last 15+ years with photos of a well-loved shirt you were hoping to recreate, and now’s your chance.

*Only 1-2 shirts can be made from each remaining pattern, so be sure to make your picks ASAP. We're listing all for only $180, and remember we're still offering 20% off everything, so only $144 after the discount! (Plus, this is a fun way to promote zero-waste clothing production.)

Our shirt tailors in Portugal have re-opened safely with a limited capacity, and they are VERY grateful for any orders we can give them. All you need to do is add a short note about how you'd like them, even if only "exactly like my last ones".

Such a perfect way to rekindle the flame with some loves and feel great about doing it!


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