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GROUPE & A Number of Names presents "Chain Hang Low" by Monica Kim Garza.

Influenced by her multicultural background, an affinity for southern rap culture and admiration of Renaissance and Realism period figures; Monica Kim Garza has reshaped the representation of the docile nude female into a strong and confident woman. These beautiful vivid paintings are a rebirth of "the female figure and the relationships she has within the world". 

In this series, Garza was most inspired by the beauty of nature and everyday life's mundanity. These paintings of curvaceous nudes in modern day situations; making breakfast, playing a game of basketball or riding horses are an homage to her nostalgia of past memories, travels and experiences.


Artist Monica Kim Garza (b.1988) currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Her current series "Chain Hang Low" will be on display at GROUPE 198 Bowery on June 8th until September 8, 2017, you don't want to miss it.