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GROUPE and A Number of Names present OREAD by Serban Ionescu.

This exhibition features sculptural installation that manifests the “Oread” mountain nymph Echo. Rejected by Narcissus and his reflection, Echo vanishes in the mountains, only to leave her echo behind. We find her within two mirrored bodies/sculptures, echoing the question; how do we reflect ourselves in nature, within nature and under the natural wearing of time?


Working with materials such as acrylic, steel, machined hardware and a digital prints of natural landscapes-we begin to investigate nature and artifice, their contrast and their marriage. What echoes and what reflects are now one. Unlike Echo, we cannot hide in the mountains. We dwell in planes, left to face mirrors that no longer reflect us.

Artist Serban Ionescu (b.1984) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has taught Architecture design studio at RPI in Troy, NY and started OFF - a design studio. His Architecture background and interest allows for the works to vary in medium, function and scale - spanning from drawing, painting, furniture, large scale installation and in film. His migration from Romania to Queens at the age of 10, has infused his work with a skewed fascination for American Entertainment, Film, History, Manufactured Architectural Material, Graphic Design and Cartoons. Impulse, contrasts and contradictions fuel the work, between crassness and tact, the dull and the energetic and between rigor and accident.