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SENT. is the second installment of New York artist Victor Roman’s debut “Digi-Com” series, 2014. Roman’s ethnographic approach dissects the virtual reality of our current world. This body of work extracts the cultural phenomena of digital communication from its virtual plain and places it within a physical space. Roman not only distorts the messages contextual meaning, but magnifies the emotional space those messages take up by presenting them on tangible material. SENT. invites its audience to become observers of their own digital habitats and confront their own humanity.


Victor Roman was born in 1987, in the Lower East Side, and is now resides in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At the beginning of his art career, Roman attended Parsons, where he delved into Digital Design. His ability to create on a digital platform transferred over with fluidity on to canvas. He is known equally for his clean minimalist design work, as he is for his visually stimulating art pieces.

Roman is known for his vibrant hues, bold contrasting lines, and his ability to manipulate acrylic paint into surreal color palettes. His pieces serve as vessels that amplify his personal observations and curiosities while inviting his audience to navigate with him, through a digitally enhanced world.