Our Transfriendly Pledge

We believe to be in the business of people, which means to us that every person deserves to feel accepted, comfortable, and confident. With this mission in mind, we have joined @transfriend.ly in a pledge to do our part in creating a safe space in the fashion industry for trans individuals.

Your clothing is by far the most direct and immediate presentation to the world of who you are and how you want to be understood. That is exactly why we personally collaborate with each client and engage in a deep dialogue, designing their wardrobe to precisely embody their voice and their vision. We know that by doing so, every person has the opportunity to feel secure and self-assured in their identity.  

This sticker will be attached to our front door so trans individuals know that Groupe is an all-accepting environment for everyone. We hope to become a positive and affirming part of your lives.

View our Transfriendly listing here, along with more information about the cause and other participating businesses.