Founded in 2016 by James and Gwendolyn Jurney, and leveraging 24 years of designing, producing and retailing Seize sur Vingt, a preeminent luxury menswear brand in NYC, Groupe is a collective of emerging designers and industry experts using shared resources to revolutionize how fashion brands are built. Uniting design, production, distribution, retail, and marketing, Groupe offers the next generation of fashion greats the critical infrastructure they need to find their footing—and their following—in an industry notoriously indifferent to independent talent. Online and at our Bowery boutique in downtown Manhattan, we connect our brands with a community of loyal patrons eager for direct access to tomorrow’s leading labels and the designers behind them.

We know the practical realities of building brands from the ground up because we’ve been there. Groupe traces its roots to a small shop on Soho’s Elizabeth Street, where, in 1998, James and Gwendolyn launched Seize Sur Vingt to unite the traditional art of custom tailoring with progressive silhouettes inspired by our city. Over the years, Seize Sur Vingt has evolved into a sought-after source of suiting, shirting, and essentials for the urban professional. In response to the rise of algorithmic design and fast fashion, we founded Groupe in 2016 to help a new wave of designers cultivate the type of intimate relationships for which Seize Sur Vingt is known.

Looking to the worlds of fine art and music for inspiration, Groupe operates like a gallery or record label by promoting the creative output of a rotating roster of artists, giving the freshest minds in design a platform to define what’s in store for tomorrow’s style.