Made By Two Hands


Hand-made clothing is perhaps the world’s oldest form of artisanal, artistic craftsmanship. Much more than a question of luxury or politics, the truly hand-made tailored suit is the apotheosis of culture, tradition, art, and community in an industry that is beset by negative news of labor conditions and inequities. We strongly believe that everyone should know how their clothes are made, and we believe that brands should be proud enough of the production process that they invite cameras into their midst.

The title of our film “Made By Two Hands” represents an interesting complication of translation. In preparing the film, we discussed with our suit maker in Puglia (southern Italy), to understand how to shoot the process to highlight the flow and the level of hand work. He stressed that our term “hand-made” wasn’t clear enough, when in fact they say “made by two hands” to clarify that many of these processes are ONLY using two hands and to them this is a very important designation.

To truly understand, and therefore to care deeply about how, where and by whom your own clothes are made, you must experience this process personally. We hope that our short film will bring you as close to this moment as possible.

-Director: Daniel Turcan
-Cinematographer: Ivaylo Getov
-Steadicam Op: Stefano Ben
-Sound: Tommaso Danisi
-Editor: Daniel Turcan
-Producer: James Jurney